Music Distribution: We provide digital music distribution for more than 42 stores and streaming platforms worldwide, including Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon, Google, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Yandex, Beatport, Juno, Pandora, among others.

Music Promotion: We have knowledge in music promotion, specially when it comes to online blogging. We have our own electronic music blog Synths of Eden, where we usually cover the content released by Capiroto Records, making our releases always indexed in HypeMachine. We also promote our releases inside Submithub’s community of bloggers, giving it visibility. Besides constantly running online campaigns of our content.

Mixing/Mastering: From our studio in Amsterdam we offer mixing and mastering services using the best software available in the market for a fair price. This service is offered to artists releasing via Capiroto Records or DIY artists willing to pay for an extra hand.

Music Production: Are you an artist that has an idea, some ready made demo-work but you’re struggling with producing a nice track until the end? We from Capiroto Records can help you finish your track and release it. Just show us what you have and we will guide you to having your track finalised.

Cover Arts: We can also help you make cover arts that respect the music industry’s style guide. With our experience and contact with graphic designers, Capiroto Records can offer you a personalised service of cover arts for your music releases.

Playlist Curation: With the experience developed by Synths of Eden during more than an year, summed by collaboration for clients in the independent music industry. Capiroto Records offers a service of playlist curation personalised for your label, brand or company that wants to have a music curation for specific genres or moods. Contact us for more info.