Not Accepting Demos – On a Hiatus

It’s been great releasing music from different people in the world for around 5 years. Managing a label is tough. Doing it all alone can be a big challenge. Especially when promoting the music and making it something profitable for everyone involved, the label manager and the artists alike. When one works with digital music distribution, considering the high costs involved on physical distribution. A business is doomed to be unprofitable, unless you have a fanbase of millions of listeners everywhere. Which was not the case for Capiroto Records and our catalogue of independent artists all around. The costs for managing Capiroto Records are big. So we have been reducing it as much as we can. Having a full-time job now gives me more responsibilities and my focus is another one right one. I don’t plan to dedicate my free time working on releasing music for free. My plan right now is to keep working as a freelance audio engineer and music producer on the side. While making and playing my own music for love. So we are releasing our last two products planned for 2020, Furred T – More, released today 29th of May and next on 19th of June, Internal Universe, by Anthony Watkins. Which are two great works of electronic music. We might have some plans for the future when it comes to music distribution, but we’re no longer actively looking for demos and distribution deals. About Synths of Eden, we plan to share artists that had premium submissions unshared and we will no longer actively receive submissions anymore until further notice.

Thanks for everyone involved in those 5 years of great independent music!
Lucas Pascholatti
29th of May, 2020.