New Single: Lagoon Groove – Stay?

Cover art by LPascolatti (

Capiroto Records is pleased to announce our new release ‘Stay?’ by Lagoon Groove @ruairidh-fraser, a duo from Leicester, United Kingdom, featuring Bairn on tenor saxophone. The duo consists of Ruairidh Fraser (aka Phraser) and Holly Mulvey, and they began 2019 with the release of their first single ‘Soul Commute’, mixing dub and trip hop influences. Lagoon Groove make electronic music with organic influences and styles in mind, blending live brass and drums with a lo-fi, analog synth aesthetic. Their recording process is DIY focused, giving a raw and natural sound that conjures hazy images of late-night jam sessions. On this latest track, ‘Stay?’, Holly lays down melancholic vocals over an intricate 7/8 rhythm, built upon complex yet spacious interaction between the bass and drums. The result is tied together in a dub-influenced production style to create a rich track that is surely appealing to followers of new alternative music, for fans of trip hop, dub and pop music alike.

Released Friday, 31st of May in all the stores.

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