New Single: A Daydream Person – A Day of Night

Capiroto Records is glad to announce A Day of Night, by A Daydream Person, artist name of Adrian Seo, producer from Seoul, South-Korea. It is a downtempo/nu-disco composition divided in two parts that complement each other, Matinee and Soiree, which is a direct reference to its title, day and night. Both tracks are contain field recordings in its beginning and end. Overall it’s a delicate song, with a big presence of keys, playing chords as if they are part of the rhythm, followed by a woman’s voice whispering words in English as vocals (matinee), which is later summed by synthesizers, bringing it a housy and nu-disco touch (highlighted in soiree), which is supported by its rhythm, with patterns of kicks and claps. The song ends as delicate as it has started. Soiree, as the name suggests, is a more nocturnal version, a bit longer than it’s counterpart.

A Daydream Person:

Official release 28th of June.