Metal: Wither Without You – The State of Things Less Embraced (EP)

Capiroto Records released on 24th of May The State of Things Less Embraced, debut EP of downtempo doom & black metal influenced band Wither Without You, from Alabama, USA. They were established on the first day of 2019, by Matt and Colton. According to Matt, they aimed for:

“Uplifting and brightened breaks in between. But still giving raw texture, heavy riffs and solid drums to back up the very Metal Core infused vocals layered on top. Giving us, or what we called, our “Doom-Core” Genre’d content. Dedicated to our passion of metal we have added another guitarist, Mathew, and a bassist Eric, who both play significant roles in Wither Without You. Giving us a very widespread concept of our metal background and abilities as a whole. Leading to our current/future content for everyone to take a piece with them to hold onto and enjoy.”

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