IDM: H+ – Haunted (2019)

On 30th of March, Capiroto Records released Haunted, album by H+, project of Malcolm Swan, from Bermuda island.

The idea of H+ comes from reading a lot of science fiction. He got the impression that some of the writers of science fiction were creating technologies that they would like to see in the future. Looking at current technology he thinks that science fiction writers have had an impact on the present day, so their writing inevitably will influence the future. Could music have the same impact? The obvious solution would be expressing the ideas with the lyrics, and while H+ believes in using words to express ideas he wanted the music to be the thing that excites the imagination.

In Haunted we can find elements typical of IDM, British Dubstep and Drum & Bass, mixed with some jazz elements, a rich album, that contain tracks involving a more phantasmal and demoniac thematic, nothing more appropriate to a label called Capiroto Records. Malcolm shows himself to be an splendid bass player in the whole album, which highlights the jazz influence on it.

Before working with H+, Malcolm has worked on a project called 1undred, since 2012.

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In total, Haunted has 9 tracks:

  1. Daemon
  2. Malevolent
  3. Hungry Soul
  4. Summoning
  5. Possession
  6. Jinn
  7. The Watchers
  8. Set
  9. If you do not know the difference between truth and fantasy you will be taken advantage of.

You can also purchase the album on Bandcamp.