Downtempo: Groove Plexus – No Escape From Time

Capiroto Records is happy to announce No Escape From Time, by Groove Plexus, a Galen Bundy project, composer and producer from Michigan, USA. No Escape From Time comes out as two tracks single, the first No Escape From Time and the second Chorduroys. No Escape From Time has vocals, jazzy instruments with a big influence of downtempo electronic music, according to Galen, “No Escape From Time is describing the journey from a place of tension into a state of acceptance. It serves me as an understanding of having made those realizations”. The track features the vocals of Detroit based vocalist Alex Koi. The second track, Chorduroys, is about “finding a serene place and settling there for a while. It’s meant to describe moments of contemplation in casual settings, like taking a walk in nature or driving to work”.

Official release 12th of July, 2019.