Ambient: Noooodle King – Lune

Capiroto Records gladly presents you Noooodle King and the pretty Lune, a finely tuned track, with lots of touches of ambient and trip hop. Artist from China’s capital Beijing, he’s been known for releasing his independent electronic music since 2017. Cover art by LPascolatti.

Trip Hop: Ryan KP – Flatline

On the 28th of February Capiroto Records released Flatline, by Australian producer Ryan KP. This is for those who appreciate the best of trip hop and chill out electronic. According to Ryan, Flatline is “a thrilling track with a story of a man who fights for his life. With it’s Funky Blues and Trip Hop […]

Alternative: Nathanael Saposnikoff – Thoughts of Mine

Giving sequence to Get Down, Capiroto Records released on 16th of August, Nathanael Saposnikoff‘s new single Thoughts of Mine. A short track rich in lyrics and instrumentation. Its mood ranges from introspective thoughts to more uplifting verses and drops. There’s a good combination of drums, guitars and synthesizers that does justice to the best psychedelic […]

Indie-Rock: Marek Kubala

Capiroto Records released Fault Lines, the second release by Marek Kubala, from Huddersfield and now based in east London. Fault Lines sees Marek ditch his signature classical guitar and downtempo moods and deliver an infectious slice of punky indie-pop, with touches of Courtney Bartnett, Whitey, The B-52s, and Nirvana, including quirky electronics and a chorus […]

New Release: Nathanael Saposnikoff – Get Down

Capiroto Records released today Get Down, a new single by Swedish artist Nathanael Saposnikoff, one year after his debut EP1. Get Down is a sweet song, retro-stained, with instruments like mellotrone, chorus driven guitars, filter sweeping synthezisers, saxophones and falsetto vocals. With a big influence of lo-fi indie music. It’s lush and uplifiting in all […]

Downtempo: Groove Plexus – No Escape From Time

Capiroto Records is happy to announce No Escape From Time, by Groove Plexus, a Galen Bundy project, composer and producer from Michigan, USA. No Escape From Time comes out as two tracks single, the first No Escape From Time and the second Chorduroys. No Escape From Time has vocals, jazzy instruments with a big influence […]

Alternative Rock: Molt – Eventual

Capiroto Records is announcing Eventual, a new alternative rock single by Molt, composer based in California, USA. The single contains three tracks that express his feelings towards loss, of a girlfriend, of a friend, which makes them full of feelings, that are clearly expressed in the harmony of Eventual and in the distorted guitars of […]