Easy Listening: DVRNCKY – Laid Back

Released on 1st of March by Capiroto Records, Laid Back, by DVRNCKY

Beat maker from Stara Pazova, Serbia. It is also the label’s first easy listening release, that explores the beat making scene, combining R&B, instrumental hip hop and jazz influences.

For more info about DVRNCKY check his pages:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dvrncky

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p8o8o/

You can buy and stream in all the main stores using this link here.

Techno: Lewo [DE] – Otto

Capiroto Records presents you Lewo, from Berlin, Germany, with an outstanding techno EP, called Otto. In total, three long techno productions, almost progressive. Chamhoi opens the EP, a shorter track, minimalistic, with a stunning chord progression, which is followed by Poisville and Sumitomo, two longer recordings, with deeper exploration of textures, rhythms and sounds.

Painting by: Lewo
Cover Art Edit and Master of Sumitomo: LPascolatti.

Official release 22nd of February.

Buy link: https://capirotorecords.ampsuite.com/releases/links?id=32

House: Cozmic Cat – I Was Wrong

Cozmic Cat, Canadian DJ and producer from Toronto, releases her new single I Was Wrong. She presents us with the best of what can be defined as house music with her personal touch.

Official Release 22nd of February by Capiroto Records.

Mastered by LPascolatti.
Cover Art by Magz FM.

Bookings: djcozmic@gmail.com
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/djcozmic

New Release: NoHealer – Side Chains

Side Chains is NoHealer‘s new EP, containing 4 tracks that explore the world of electronic music production with his special tune. A touch of retro, cyberpunk-like, sometimes inclined to techno, others to trance. In the end, Side Chains proves itself to be an unique piece of work, with singularities that are many times absent from the worldwide electronic music scene, that easily falls into constant fads.

NoHealer comes from Moscow, Russia. He is releasing with Capiroto Records for the second time, after Pyramids of Greed, released on the 21st of December, 2018.

Official Release: 15th of February, 2019. Available in Bandcamp.

New Release: mng_0 – The mng_0 EP

Cover art by LPascolatti

Capiroto Records presents you mng_O, dubstep producer and DJ from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and his first EP, containing four tracks.

The name mng_0 comes from Mango Tango, a name used by him when he was DJing at Fraternity Parties in his college. When he cut his teeth DJing and learning music production. In total, 4 tracks heavily influenced by old school dubstep, with contemporary electronic music such as synthwave.

Buy link: https://capirotorecords.ampsuite.com/releases/links?id=34

Cover art and masters: LPascolatti.

Techno: KULTOFF – Don’t Sleep

Capiroto Records is back with a new techno single by Italian producer from Rome KULTOFF. Don’t Sleep containing two acid techno inspired tracks: Don’t Sleep (feat. Frank Sepioni) and Love is Revolution (feat. Special West). It’s due to be released next Friday, 25th of January in all the digital stores.

Art by LPascolatti

Meanwhile, you can listen to it in our YouTube and Soundcloud pages.

ea Collective – Amazonas Cruise

Turning corners again, ea Collective goes clubbing. Many thanks to Uenay who remixed our rudimentary demo into an atmospheric dark underground soundtrack. Oliver Kern (ea Collective) then replied with an edit, strictly using only snippets from the original. Many thanks to belrost.com for the mystic cover collage and to Capiroto Records for releasing this piece.

“Amazonas Cruise is the result of ea-Collective’s collaboration with German music producers Uenay and Oliver Kern. Amazonas Cruise has originally been produced using a simple, short circuited mixer as music instrument, that later on has taken different forms after two new mixes. Amazonas Cruise shows us once again that there are no limits to independent music production, that music can come out of simple electronic devices such as a mixer.“
Capiroto Records, Amsterdam.

Released 21st December by Capiroto Records, Amazonas Cruise is a purely original single by ea Collective, Oliver Kern and Uenay, artists from Freiburg, Germany. The opening track, ACE, sounds like an exciting melody of a humming bird with marked distorted “kicks”. Although it’s experimental in the sound design, melody and composition. Overall it fits with the underground techno scene and can be highly danceable. The artwork was created by Belrost and it has an important role in making Amazonas Cruise so unique. Uenay’s version is even more underground, sounding more atmospheric and dares to dive even deeper in the audio production, adding voice over samples and field recordings (?). Amazonas Cruise ends with its original version by Oliver Kern, that served as the base inspiration for the two other versions by ea Collective and Uenay.

NoHealer – Pyramids of Greed

Artist from Moscow, NoHealer released Pyramids of Greed 21st December via Capiroto Records. According to him, Pyramids of Greed was inspired by men’s ancient lust for money and fame. Originally from “Back to Test” album.” The single also contains a techno remix by LPascolatti. The original Gold Mix, by NoHealer, sounds like an old school electronic track, Kraftwerk style, it contain bright synths, it has danceable rhythms while preserving its cool downtempo feeling.

Techno: LPascolatti – Alright (Radio Edit)

New release by LPascolatti, first produced in Spiderhuis Studio, Rotterdam. It has been reworked in his new studio in Amsterdam, one year after. The idea behind the track is to create a techno that is electronic yet keeping organic instrumentals, such as electric guitar and vocals. The mixing has been highly inspired by dub techno productions. For January, it’s expected an extended mix with a Remix version.

YouTube: youtu.be/6aFOWxLYpsE
Bandcamp: lpascolatti.bandcamp.com/track/alright
Spotify: open.spotify.com/track/3MFDKAyVMh…GVT-22-isc76rkMA

For more techno check our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno: