New Album: Alvinos Zavlis – We All Float…

Capiroto Records presents you Alvinos Zavlis, composer and producer from Cyprus and based in UK, with his debut album We All Float… due to official release in all digital platforms on 5th of April, 2019. The album mixes electronic music composition, with some elements of downtempo, IDM, post-dubstep and pop music, providing us with stunning sounds, sometimes meditative, others full of energy and joy. We All Float… sounds fresh and young, it shows all the potential Alvinos has to offer as a composer and producer in the future, as it’s his first album after The Fusion EP (2018) and his latest single Watermelon. Track 8, Dragging Me Under counts with the vocals of Luke O’Gorman, that also contributed as a songwriter. The artwork is credited to Alvinos himself, plus Orestis Zavlis and Ektoras Parperis.

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IDM: H+ – Haunted (2019)

On 30th of March, Capiroto Records released Haunted, album by H+, project of Malcolm Swan, from Bermuda island.

The idea of H+ comes from reading a lot of science fiction. He got the impression that some of the writers of science fiction were creating technologies that they would like to see in the future. Looking at current technology he thinks that science fiction writers have had an impact on the present day, so their writing inevitably will influence the future. Could music have the same impact? The obvious solution would be expressing the ideas with the lyrics, and while H+ believes in using words to express ideas he wanted the music to be the thing that excites the imagination.

In Haunted we can find elements typical of IDM, British Dubstep and Drum & Bass, mixed with some jazz elements, a rich album, that contain tracks involving a more phantasmal and demoniac thematic, nothing more appropriate to a label called Capiroto Records. Malcolm shows himself to be an splendid bass player in the whole album, which highlights the jazz influence on it.

Before working with H+, Malcolm has worked on a project called 1undred, since 2012.

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In total, Haunted has 9 tracks:

  1. Daemon
  2. Malevolent
  3. Hungry Soul
  4. Summoning
  5. Possession
  6. Jinn
  7. The Watchers
  8. Set
  9. If you do not know the difference between truth and fantasy you will be taken advantage of.

You can also purchase the album on Bandcamp.

Easy Listening: DVRNCKY – Laid Back

Released on 1st of March by Capiroto Records, Laid Back, by DVRNCKY

Beat maker from Stara Pazova, Serbia. It is also the label’s first easy listening release, that explores the beat making scene, combining R&B, instrumental hip hop and jazz influences.

For more info about DVRNCKY check his pages:



You can buy and stream in all the main stores using this link here.

Techno: Lewo [DE] – Otto

Capiroto Records presents you Lewo, from Berlin, Germany, with an outstanding techno EP, called Otto. In total, three long techno productions, almost progressive. Chamhoi opens the EP, a shorter track, minimalistic, with a stunning chord progression, which is followed by Poisville and Sumitomo, two longer recordings, with deeper exploration of textures, rhythms and sounds.

Painting by: Lewo
Cover Art Edit and Master of Sumitomo: LPascolatti.

Official release 22nd of February.

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House: Cozmic Cat – I Was Wrong

Cozmic Cat, Canadian DJ and producer from Toronto, releases her new single I Was Wrong. She presents us with the best of what can be defined as house music with her personal touch.

Official Release 22nd of February by Capiroto Records.

Mastered by LPascolatti.
Cover Art by Magz FM.


New Release: NoHealer – Side Chains

Side Chains is NoHealer‘s new EP, containing 4 tracks that explore the world of electronic music production with his special tune. A touch of retro, cyberpunk-like, sometimes inclined to techno, others to trance. In the end, Side Chains proves itself to be an unique piece of work, with singularities that are many times absent from the worldwide electronic music scene, that easily falls into constant fads.

NoHealer comes from Moscow, Russia. He is releasing with Capiroto Records for the second time, after Pyramids of Greed, released on the 21st of December, 2018.

Official Release: 15th of February, 2019. Available in Bandcamp.

New Release: mng_0 – The mng_0 EP

Cover art by LPascolatti

Capiroto Records presents you mng_O, dubstep producer and DJ from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and his first EP, containing four tracks.

The name mng_0 comes from Mango Tango, a name used by him when he was DJing at Fraternity Parties in his college. When he cut his teeth DJing and learning music production. In total, 4 tracks heavily influenced by old school dubstep, with contemporary electronic music such as synthwave.

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Cover art and masters: LPascolatti.

Techno: KULTOFF – Don’t Sleep

Capiroto Records is back with a new techno single by Italian producer from Rome KULTOFF. Don’t Sleep containing two acid techno inspired tracks: Don’t Sleep (feat. Frank Sepioni) and Love is Revolution (feat. Special West). It’s due to be released next Friday, 25th of January in all the digital stores.

Art by LPascolatti

Meanwhile, you can listen to it in our YouTube and Soundcloud pages.