Tech-House: Bonomo – Laugh Louder

Cover art by LPascolatti

Capiroto Records released Laugh Louder on 17th of May, new single by Bonomo, producer from São Paulo, Brazil, that follows I Can Feel, his first work, also released by us on 13th of July, 2018. This time Bonomo presents us with two outgoing tracks, as suggested by the title, Laugh Louder. This is dance music with a sober, young and uplifiting mood. Sonically, it makes use of danceable beats patterns, percussion and bass lines, typical of both techno and house. Out Of the Party is a vocalized track, that shows itself as a mantra for sober minded people in the world of electronic dance music.

Ambient: Hellman – Rætur

Rætur is a piano ambient electronic single by Hellman, Hermann Jónson, Icelandic composer and producer from Reykjavik. Rætur in Icelandic means roots, while each of the three tracks represent Icelandic weeds: 1) Lúpína, a joyful, cheerful piano ambient track, growing with synthesizers and electric guitar sounds; proceeded by 2) Hvönn, which is also marked by piano keys, but with a minor, sadder tune; and lastly 3) Holurt, a track with a bigger presence of synthesized layers, drums and a cinematic feeling. Rætur is meditative single, with piano tunes and melodies, that would not be the same without its electronic layers that gives them a contemporary and delicate element that glues together each singularity of its composition.

It will be officially released on 14th of June by Capiroto Records.

Tech-House: B/O/M – How It Goes Again

Capiroto Records released on 11th of May a new tech-house single How It Goes Again by B/O/M, composer and producer from Paris, France. The track is minimalistic, delicate, with lush pads, plus compelling grooves and rhythms that shift and progress as different personas of the same track, it’s lush dance music in its full potential. It’s called How It Goes Again and it’s being released as an Alternative Mix.

Mastering Engineer: LPascolatti

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New Single: Lagoon Groove – Stay?

Cover art by LPascolatti (

Capiroto Records is pleased to announce our new release ‘Stay?’ by Lagoon Groove @ruairidh-fraser, a duo from Leicester, United Kingdom, featuring Bairn on tenor saxophone. The duo consists of Ruairidh Fraser (aka Phraser) and Holly Mulvey, and they began 2019 with the release of their first single ‘Soul Commute’, mixing dub and trip hop influences. Lagoon Groove make electronic music with organic influences and styles in mind, blending live brass and drums with a lo-fi, analog synth aesthetic. Their recording process is DIY focused, giving a raw and natural sound that conjures hazy images of late-night jam sessions. On this latest track, ‘Stay?’, Holly lays down melancholic vocals over an intricate 7/8 rhythm, built upon complex yet spacious interaction between the bass and drums. The result is tied together in a dub-influenced production style to create a rich track that is surely appealing to followers of new alternative music, for fans of trip hop, dub and pop music alike.

Released Friday, 31st of May in all the stores.

New Release: LPascolatti – Assurbanipal (EP)

Today Capiroto Records is annoucing Assurbanipal, new EP by LPascolatti. With official release 14th of June.

Assurbanipal, or Asshurbanipal, was one of the greatest emperors of the neo-Assyrian empire; who ruled the Iron age world from his palace in Nineveh, modern days Iraq, where he cultivated an ancient library in cuneiform language. His palace was deeply explored by British archaeologists in the 19th century, such as Sir Austen Henry Layard. In 2014 the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) occupied the palace of Nineveh, during that time they bulldozed several of the monuments who survived the centuries. The palace was later re-occupied by Iraq forces in January 2017.

LPascolatti’s idea when composing Assurbanipal was that it should be vast and long as the neo-Assyrian empire, with all its greatness, gathering several different cultures and types of inspiration from an age. The production and its whole arrangement resulted from distinct recording sessions of synthesizers, exploring different harmonic scales, digital and analogue effects on a time that a lot of his inspiration resulted from reading about Bronze Age’s decadence and the emergence of a new era in the ancient Eastern world.

This extended play has been recorded before the one-track live album (in 7 acts) ‘Nada como um dia após o outro dia’, which also explored Bronze Age’s decadence trying to bring into comparison current times’ downfall. What would be our modern days bronze? The oil? Information and data? The global commerce hegemony? Political hegemony? To having one’s religion and ideology prevail?

With Assurbanipal, LPascolatti’s goal is to bring ancient history into contemporary electronic music and using it to establish a parallel with the present time. Finding a way to sing the imaginary past by contemporary mechanisms of music production while shaping the music of the future.

New Single: NoHealer – Sunrise

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After releasing Pyramids of Greed (2018) and Side Chains (2019), NoHealer is back with another single released by Capiroto Records, this one with a spring feeling, called Sunrise, released 17th of April, 2019. In total, the single contains three tracks, being the first Sunrise, with a pretty arpeggio in the intro, followed by an energetic Shine On and ended with Sea of Rays, a track with rhythmic patterns typical of what is traditionally known as IDM. Again he presents an electronic music that brings back an early synthpop mood, with modern dance patterns, such as the early Kraftwerk or Italo-disco with some contemporary elements.

Sunrise is also available as a video clip in YouTube produced by NoHealer himself:

New Album: Alvinos Zavlis – We All Float…

Capiroto Records presents you Alvinos Zavlis, composer and producer from Cyprus and based in UK, with his debut album We All Float… due to official release in all digital platforms on 5th of April, 2019. The album mixes electronic music composition, with some elements of downtempo, IDM, post-dubstep and pop music, providing us with stunning sounds, sometimes meditative, others full of energy and joy. We All Float… sounds fresh and young, it shows all the potential Alvinos has to offer as a composer and producer in the future, as it’s his first album after The Fusion EP (2018) and his latest single Watermelon. Track 8, Dragging Me Under counts with the vocals of Luke O’Gorman, that also contributed as a songwriter. The artwork is credited to Alvinos himself, plus Orestis Zavlis and Ektoras Parperis.

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IDM: H+ – Haunted (2019)

On 30th of March, Capiroto Records released Haunted, album by H+, project of Malcolm Swan, from Bermuda island.

The idea of H+ comes from reading a lot of science fiction. He got the impression that some of the writers of science fiction were creating technologies that they would like to see in the future. Looking at current technology he thinks that science fiction writers have had an impact on the present day, so their writing inevitably will influence the future. Could music have the same impact? The obvious solution would be expressing the ideas with the lyrics, and while H+ believes in using words to express ideas he wanted the music to be the thing that excites the imagination.

In Haunted we can find elements typical of IDM, British Dubstep and Drum & Bass, mixed with some jazz elements, a rich album, that contain tracks involving a more phantasmal and demoniac thematic, nothing more appropriate to a label called Capiroto Records. Malcolm shows himself to be an splendid bass player in the whole album, which highlights the jazz influence on it.

Before working with H+, Malcolm has worked on a project called 1undred, since 2012.

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In total, Haunted has 9 tracks:

  1. Daemon
  2. Malevolent
  3. Hungry Soul
  4. Summoning
  5. Possession
  6. Jinn
  7. The Watchers
  8. Set
  9. If you do not know the difference between truth and fantasy you will be taken advantage of.

You can also purchase the album on Bandcamp.