Not Accepting Demos – On a Hiatus

It’s been great releasing music from different people in the world for around 5 years. Managing a label is tough. Doing it all alone can be a big challenge. Especially when promoting the music and making it something profitable for everyone involved, the label manager and the artists alike. When one works with digital music distribution, considering the high costs involved on physical distribution. A business is doomed to be unprofitable, unless you have a fanbase of millions of listeners everywhere. Which was not the case for Capiroto Records and our catalogue of independent artists all around. The costs for managing Capiroto Records are big. So we have been reducing it as much as we can. Having a full-time job now gives me more responsibilities and my focus is another one right one. I don’t plan to dedicate my free time working on releasing music for free. My plan right now is to keep working as a freelance audio engineer and music producer on the side. While making and playing my own music for love. So we are releasing our last two products planned for 2020, Furred T – More, released today 29th of May and next on 19th of June, Internal Universe, by Anthony Watkins. Which are two great works of electronic music. We might have some plans for the future when it comes to music distribution, but we’re no longer actively looking for demos and distribution deals. About Synths of Eden, we plan to share artists that had premium submissions unshared and we will no longer actively receive submissions anymore until further notice.

Thanks for everyone involved in those 5 years of great independent music!
Lucas Pascholatti
29th of May, 2020.

Trip Hop: Ryan KP – Flatline

On the 28th of February Capiroto Records released Flatline, by Australian producer Ryan KP. This is for those who appreciate the best of trip hop and chill out electronic. According to Ryan, Flatline is “a thrilling track with a story of a man who fights for his life. With it’s Funky Blues and Trip Hop sound, the track captivates listeners through an interesting fusion of sounds”.

Melodic House: Rieffel – The Dream Is Not Over

Capiroto Records released on the 14th of February Rieffel, producer from Pelotas, Brazil, with his new single The Dream Is Not Over. With this new track, he keeps exploring the world of melodic house and techno, which is going through a renaissance at this present moment in Brazil, with an ever-growing culture of street parties all over. Since it’s the genre that kick started Capiroto Records, we’re more than happy to release The Dream Is Not Over.

Cover art and photography by LPascolatti.


After the release of Toxic Earth on the 23rd of August by Capiroto Records. MIKE BYRD, producer from Manchester, is back. Now with an eleven tracks album HOUSE GRINDER with the purest of deep house. Full of groove and positivity, the album contain master pieces such as Dave and Simbeosis, some tracks like Grow Your Own have a 90s feeling, an excellent choice for fans of old school house and lo-fi house alike. Official release 4th of October in all the stores.

You can find it on Bandcamp for purchase.

Cover art by LPascolatti.

Alternative Rock: Pulse – Places I Belong

Capiroto Records is proud to announce a new single scheduled to 31st of January. Places I Belong, by UK based alternative rock band Pulse, from Sheffield. This track has a pleasant atmosphere created by an acoustic guitar, piano, drums, bass and a baglama guitar. All followed by vocals and drums that recall the best of early 90s alternative rock scene, being it grunge or alternative metal. More than that, Places I Belong has compelling lyrics that deserve to be listened and felt with attention.

Pulse’s social media page:


There’s something about life
When you think the future
You see happy days getting
Distant and distant

You chase them, you miss them
You find them and hold them
You’re trying to live them
But your heart is frozen

Then you search for feelings
You’ve locked them in gates
Of a past looking forward
To a future of regret

I’m holding on the words you said before
You take me back to places I belong
Just holding on the words you said before
You take me back to places I belong

There’s something about death
When you think the future
You see happy days getting
Distant and distant

You’re trying to catch them
Your weak arms can’t reach them
Your body falls down
For the last time on the ground

There’s no time for dreams
That will come after today
Live your moment now
Tomorrow you’re away

I’m holding on the words you said before
You take me back to places I belong
Just holding on the words you said before
You take me back to places I belong

Alternative: Nathanael Saposnikoff – EP 2

After the release of Nathanael Saposnikoff’s new singles Get Down and Thoughts of Mine. Capiroto Records released on 6th of Septemberhis new 4 tracks EP. EP 2 includes both singles and two new original tracks In One and Whale Song. It also available for purchase in Bandcamp and in all the stores, click here for the Spotify link.

Alternative: Nathanael Saposnikoff – Thoughts of Mine

Giving sequence to Get Down, Capiroto Records released on 16th of August, Nathanael Saposnikoff‘s new single Thoughts of Mine. A short track rich in lyrics and instrumentation. Its mood ranges from introspective thoughts to more uplifting verses and drops. There’s a good combination of drums, guitars and synthesizers that does justice to the best psychedelic rock of late 1960s. For fans of Beatles, Pink Floyd or King Crimson to more modern alternative and neo-psychedelic rock.

Ambient: Asperkraken – The Scientist

Making music since the early 2000s, Gustuf Young, the man behind Asperkraken is releasing The Scientist with Capiroto Records. In his Spotify profile you can find all sorts of highly creative electronic music, shifting from ambient, chiptune, to a more experimental, left-field or IDM electronic music. Exploring landscapes completed by field recordings, keys and synthesizers. In The Scientist we have a long track with repetitive beats typical of drum and bass, all wrapped into great synthesizers usually associated with ambient music. His special touch when it comes to sound design give it that left-field/IDM feeling.

If you are around Dallas this Friday 15th of November, you might want to check him alive on Dallas Museum of Art:

Official release 22nd of November in all the stores.