Ambient: Hellman – Rætur

Rætur is a piano ambient electronic single by Hellman, Hermann Jónson, Icelandic composer and producer from Reykjavik. Rætur in Icelandic means roots, while each of the three tracks represent Icelandic weeds: 1) Lúpína, a joyful, cheerful piano ambient track, growing with synthesizers and electric guitar sounds; proceeded by 2) Hvönn, which is also marked by piano keys, but with a minor, sadder tune; and lastly 3) Holurt, a track with a bigger presence of synthesized layers, drums and a cinematic feeling. Rætur is meditative single, with piano tunes and melodies, that would not be the same without its electronic layers that gives them a contemporary and delicate element that glues together each singularity of its composition.

It will be officially released on 14th of June by Capiroto Records.

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