Alternative Rock: Sons of Venus (Album)

Released 12th of July by Capiroto Records Sons of Venus, album by the homonimous band from New York City in United States. The band was formed when John Sully, performer and sound engineer, met Kazakh drummer and pianist Ruslan Baimurzin, who invited him for a jam with bassist Igor Reznik and keyboardist Peter Breed. Thinking It Through comes as their debut single before their upcoming seven tracks album. Their album is a result from extensive improvisations, who were later transformed by Sully into demo tracks, on which he overdubbed the vocals. Excited by the outcome, the band decided to record a seven tracks album at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn. The album was recorded in one day and mixed by Sully in his home studio. According to them: “There is an innate 1960’s feeling to the album. Free jazz flourishes and acid rock edges intertwine with an indie pop ethos. Taking their cues from punk, funk and the blues, the band appreciates as it innovates.”

Cover art by Ilya Popenko.