This month Capiroto Records has scheduled for release 3 EPs and one single. By 4 different electronic music producers from 4 different countries in 2 continents. Ranging from techno, house and dubstep. For the month of march we have a jazzy beat track from DVRNCKY called Laid Back, due to1st of March, to be posted here later. Plus, Haunted album by H+, from Bermuda island, a highly skilled bass player that makes IDM, due to release 30th March, already available for purchase in our Bandcamp page, YouTube (video streaming) and Soundcloud (streaming).

February 2019:

1st of FebruaryThe mng_0 EP by mng_0 (USA, Baltimore), dubstep/synthwave.

Art by LPascolatti

15th of FebruarySide Chains by NoHealer (Moscow, Russia), electronic.

Art by NoHealer

22nd of February – Otto by Lewo [DE] (Berlin, Germany), techno.

22nd of February – I Was Wrong, single by Cozmic Cat (Toronto, Canada), house.

Art by Magz FM